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Massage Therapy

We offer a range of sensual messages so you can find whatever you’re looking for. Our tantric massages are passionate and an incredibly erotic experience. You will have one or more women massaging and caressing your body with their bodies and their hands to build up an intense feeling that culminates in a lingham massage. Certainly something you won’t want to miss.

Express Tantric Massage

This is a 45 minutemassage designed to ease stress and give you a burst of energy followed by exquisite relief. Performed by your choice of professional, this massage is perfect if you’re looking for relief during a busy day.

Sensual Body-to-Body Massage

Performed by one of our expert professionals, the body-to-body massage is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a one of a kind sensual experience. Your chosen expert will rub her body all over yours and leave you in absolute bliss.

Four Times Tantric Massage

What’s better than one of our incredibly beautiful masseuses giving you the ultimate massage experience? Having two give you an out of this world, passionate and sensual time. Enjoy two beautiful women sliding their bodies on yours, teasing you and fulfilling your fantasies. This is a truly incredible experience you won’t want to miss.

Fetish Tantric Massage

Surrender yourself and be dominated by one of our beautiful girls. Unleash your fantasies and prepare yourself for the merciless teasing from your masseuse who only allows you to speak when spoken to. Or perhaps you’d prefer to worship her incredible feet and feel them glide all over your body, rubbing the aromatic oils into your skin. Our fetish massages can cover a range of desires and fantasies so let yourself be taken into pure and total relaxation by one of our wonderful girls.

No matter the type of massage you’re looking for, you can choose between a VIP Room, a Premier Room or the more budget friendly Therapy Room. We pride ourselves on great service for all of our clients so explore our massage options today. You certainly won’t regret it.